2012Gave a lecture at the Tsinghua University Art Department, Beijing, China
2010Participated in the symposium "La Fortuna di Raffaello Continua", Urbino, Italy
2009First Prize at the VI Premio Sciascia, Milan
Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for the Arts, Poland
2008Nominated for the Award, at the Premio Sciascia, Milan, Italy
Nominated for W. Wojtkiewicz Award, ZPAP Krakow
1997Awarded at the III Triennial of Sacrum Fine Art, Czestochowa, Poland
1995Special Prize at the International Biennial of Graphic Art, Cuprum VI, Lubin, Poland
1989First prize at the II International Festival of Graphic Art, Menton - France
1986Benefactors’ Prize at the XI International Biennial of Graphic Art -Krakow
1979Award at the IV National Exhibition of Graphic Art - Lodz
1977Third Prize and a Bronze Medal at the J. Gielniak National Competition of Graphic Art -Jelenia Gora, Poland
Second Prize at the Plein-air Best Graphic Art Competition, Krakow
1973Second Prize and Medal at the VII “Opole Spring” Festival – Opole, Poland
Distinction Award and Medal at the III National Graphic Art Competition – Lodz, Poland
1972Second Prize at the IV International Biennial of Graphic Art, Krakow
Critics’ Award at the Graphic Art Exhibition of Young Artists, Krakow,
Award of the Albertina Society- Vienna, Austria
1971First and Third Prize at the Best Graphic Art of a Month Competition, Krakow, Poland
1970First Prize at the Students’ Graphic Art National Review, Poland
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